You're invited: An Adventure of Kingdom Participation

Generosity Outreach invites you on a journey of exploration to participate in the work God’s people are doing around the globe.

So often in the U.S., we intellectually and conceptually discuss the global effects of poverty. God clearly considers caring for the poor a key responsibility of those blessed with extra — and He clearly spurs us to visible action, not just discussion. However, it’s not always clear how to take the next step and turn intentions into action. Further, building international relationships often seems cost prohibitive. 

Via a Generosity Outreach experience you will connect with amazing organizations working to solve some of our world's most pressing social issues. The research efforts of Generosity Outreach have allowed us to identify organizations that excel at answering God’s call to heal the sick, care for orphans and lift communities out of poverty. We want you to hear the transforming stories and meet the people — people for whom the terms “economic development” and “access to health care” mean more than just intellectual talking points.

Our hope is that through this experience, you will discover, rediscover, or strengthen a personal passion. Also, you may build an intentional friendship with others, either persons or organizations, with a similar passion. This isn’t a mission trip; rather, it is an adventure to explore financial stewardship in a broader context, and to actively participate in sharing God’s love to the far reaches of the world.

What This Is:

The Purpose of this trip is to help you discover your philanthropic passion and to explore the topic of Biblical financial generosity on a deeper level. This is done by learning, fellowship, encouraging, and engaging with the body of Christ that is already at work where we will be going, and also encouraging each other in our own personal journey of generosity. This is one step in a process of learning and long-term engagement.

We will  visit multiple trusted organizations to gain an understanding of their vision and how they work towards it. You will be engaging with non-profit staff, the individuals they serve, and your fellow GO trip participants. GO trips provide a safe environment to explore financial generosity with like-minded individuals, where you will never directly be asked for money from your GO trip leader, or non-profits while on the trip.

What This Is Not:

This is not a trip where we will be doing things for people or alleviating their poverty in two weeks. We will not be building houses, hosting camps, or giving out free items. This is not a vacation to an exotic destination, there is a more important purpose that involves active participation and learning before, during and after the trip. Poverty alleviation is a long but worthwhile process. It's a process that God has a plan for you to be involved in.

Our Hope:

  • You find a cause that you are passionate about.
  • You gain a deeper understanding of why God calls us to be financially generous
  • You form personal friendships with people who are actively changing the world.
  • You gain confidence in the trustworthiness and work of some amazing organizations.
  • You participate in the effort, financially and in person.
  • You connect with young individuals or couples who are willing to explore their part in the greater purpose.
  • You gain an understanding of how to ensure your financial giving is effective.

Generosity Outreach's Part:

  • Travel Facilitator – Your trip will be attended and facilitated by Stephen Sheldon, founder of Generosity Outreach. Please read about Stephen’s biography and experience here (
  •  Travel Expenses – airfare, meals, lodging, ground transportation, and reasonable entertainment expenses will be covered by Generosity Outreach – we consider it an investment in you!
  • Research – You will benefit from the depth of research we have performed, and therefore the trust and confidence we have placed, on each of the ministry partners we will visit.

Your Part:

  • Financial Commitment – Your commitment to provide a financial gift to a ministry partner of your choice; your gift will be made in advance of the trip, but your decision of the beneficiary can wait until your return.
  • Reading Assignment – A minimal, but impactful, reading assignment will be made upon your RSVP and is to be completed before we depart.
  • Group Conversation – Generosity Outreach will facilitate three online or in-person gatherings for discussion among the group prior to the trip and three more after the trip.
  • Feedback – Before our trip we will require you to take a survey. We will also require two subsequent surveys after the trip, one within a month after and another one year later.

Are you a good fit?

GO trips are aimed towards Christians ages 24 - 39 who are new or in the middle of a steady career, and who preferably have no previous international missions exposure. Trip applicants should have a strong interest in exploring the idea of Biblical financial generosity on a deeper level and willingness to explore what it looks like to be a financial stakeholder in God's Kingdom.

How Does the Application Process Work?

Submitting an application does not guarantee you a spot on a GO trip. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis to find applicants who we believe would benefit most from participating in a GO trip. If we believe you are a good fit, we will follow up to schedule a brief phone interview so that we can learn a little more about you and answer any questions you may have about the trip. Finally, we will send you an email confirming your status as a participant and begin the process of getting you ready to GO! 

Dominican Republic

Trip Date: April 3 - 9, 2017
Required Donation: Single - $1000 Couple - $1500
Application Deadline: January 31, 2017


Trip Date: August 2017
Required Donation: Single - $2000 Couple - $2500

Application Deadline: May 2017

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Participant Service Waiver
I, along with all members of my family in consideration of the benefits derived, if accepted for a Generosity Outreach trip, hereby voluntarily waive any claims against the local and international organizations, local officer(s), sponsoring institution(s), and all leaders of Generosity Outreach for any and all cases in connection with the activities of the above organization. I have read and agree to all the information outlined in this application and its accompanying documents, including all the disclaimers. I recognize the risks involved with international travel and will read the pre-trip orientation thoroughly. *